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Hi! I’m Michele Collins!

Comedy is a universal language. Comedic relief breaks down the usual learning barriers formed around individual learning styles, personal biases, and cultural differences. Michele uses comedy throughout her training sessions as a channel to connect with diverse audiences.

According to Forbes, YouTube.. out of 1 Billion viewers Education is the #1 watched category of videos. People like to be entertained while learning. And, comedy is popular entertainment for engaging audiences. Michele’s Standup Comedy, and Improv Comedy helps connect vast audiences to have a desire for learning.


Award Winning Mindset

Sales Mastery helps you master the sales process
  • Build strong client relationships
  • Acquire authoritative decision-making skills
  • Become an influencer in your field
  • Refine your professional image

Unlock your full potential with personal accountability
  • Handle high-pressure situations with extreme clarity.
  • Learn the tools to sustain emotional intelligence.
  • Gain disciplines only used by top influential leaders.
  • Identify your personal competitive advantage

Sales Mastery helps you master the sales process
  • Maximize your territory for referrals
  • Discover your negotiation techniques
  • Grow a pipeline of credible companies
  • Drive more sales with accurate forecasting
  • Personalize your unique selling style
  • Close more profitable accounts
  • Refine your target audience

Dive into virtual selling with confidence
  • Boost number of qualified sales appointments
  • Deliver your virtual selling style with authenticity
  • Run professional virtual meetings
  • Unleash your dynamic video personality
  • Revamp your social media presence

About Michele

Michele Collins is a 10X Award-Winning Sales Professional who worked in Fortune 500 companies for 20 years. Michele consistently exceeded sales targets. She was inspired to create the “Award Winning Mindset” sales curriculum during the pandemic.

The “Award-Winning Mindset” sales training program was designed specifically to shift Fortune 500 sales teams and individual thought leaders from a crisis to transformative change only top performing award-winners can achieve. 

Sales Training Classes for Award-Winning Mindset is a 2 ½ day online sales training program taught by Michele Collins. Online classes are an intimate setting with hands-on curriculum exercises, and the optimal class size is 10 people per class. Michele is also available for training on-site and class size is negotiable.

Corporations hire Michele Collins to raise employee productivity levels, retain their top sales talent, and elevate sales teams to become the best in the industry.


Anyone can win presidents club!

Constantly hit sales targets

How to stand out on your LinkedIn Profile

Award Winners

Become a top sales performer

A Sales Leader who Entertains, and Drives Results!

Become an award winning sales professional!

Do you want to be an Award-Winning Sales Professional? Obtain the skills of an award-winning sales professional despite your current sales level.

Are you looking for a lifestyle change? This one-of-a-kind sales lifestyle program provides you the same disciplines professional athletes, celebrities, and influential leaders use in their daily lives. Attain the same quality of life like influencers you admire by signing up today!

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